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If you’re always searching for a man to complete you, you could be a desperate collegiette (but don’t worry, Her Campus is here to help you! This desperation can come in many forms: asking everyone you know to set you up on dates, fantasizing about your future with guys you just met, texting every guy in your phone hoping one of them will profess his love to you, or going home from the bar with random guys.Marshall, a student at the University of Michigan, tells us how he feels about desperate collegiettes.

“Men tend to use compliments or humor when trying to convey dissatisfaction with a woman.

Trust me, there are way better things to do with your time.

The guys aren’t always going to drop what they’re doing and sweep you off your feet; it’s a shame, we know, but this doesn’t mean you have to put all your energy into desperately searching for “the one.” We talked to college girls and guys who shared their experiences about girls who didn’t get the “be a little mysterious” message.

It’s just having fun with someone, getting to know him, and see where things go.

(I believe it’s called dating.) There were a few men in the past several months that I liked.

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What I don’t understand is why they get so obsessive.

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