Dating a gold digger

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You’ll find equal numbers of male and female gold diggers.So in a relationship, rely on your gut instinct and watch out for these signs that indicate you might be dating a gold digger: First date conversations: These aren’t like normal date conversations where you get to know each other or your hobbies or what you do in free time. When you’re in the room, it’s as though no one else exists. You wish you could put your finger on it, but even if you could who would you ask? How does anyone who hasn’t dated one know they are involved with a gold digger? They would either tell you you’re imagining things and she’s the best thing that ever happened to you, or to dump her. Better to know what you’re dealing with and then make a decision. If you tell one, you may as well tell them all as they rush to warn the rest of your tribe to be on high alert on your behalf. What you find may be valuable to you, for a number of reasons, in the long run. In order to be concerned about a gold digger, one must have gold to dig. Is she really that into you, or are you dating a gold digger? Let’s look at key areas, and if an alarm goes off in any, just like with a metal detector, it may be worth having a closer look.It’s a growing epidemic and I want to show you how you can sniff out a gold digger and cut her loose before she takes you for a free ride.There are multiple types of gold diggers, but today I want to focus on just the typical generic gold digger that is fairly easy to spot.

Some even go bragging about how the love high-end brands and luxury, if only they could afford it. Not serious about career: S/he works but only for the sake of it.Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or you’ve just met a random chick in a bar.There is something that all gold diggers do, which is usually passed down from their parents (the father in most cases) and is called “please can I have that daddy”.Their tastes are the Richie-rich types and they might even own a few such items but they’ll usually be gifts because their income doesn’t prove they can afford it ever.For the other wants and luxurious expenses, they are on a look out for someone like you. She usually doesn’t carry a wallet or forgets her credit card when you are out shopping.

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Which is to say she will walk into your world as though she belongs there, and will do her best to cement her place immediately.

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