Deadline for validating european patent hsinchu dating

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Deadline for validating european patent

Once the grant formalities have been completed, and the granted application is published by the EPO, the validation process begins and each applicant must fulfil the filing requirements in each target country within 90 days of the official grant date.

A key part of the overall EP process is to ensure the application is accurately represented in the language of the target member state.

In the latter case, if the amendments are not acceptable, further examination is likely.

During this phase, the application goes through examination and grant procedures at the EPO.

Validate your European Patent in every country where you seek to benefit from it.

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European Patents (EP) are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) and can extend patent protection in one or more of the 38 member states.

The EP patent application process consists of two phases: the grant phase and the validation phase.

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A deadline is set for the following acts: This deadline is inextensible.